Sneak It In Week

Sneak It In Week, previously held every April, encourages Canadians to take active breaks during their workdays and “sneak in” 10-minute increments of physical activity. We won’t be holding an official Sneak It In Week in 2017, but we still encourage Canadians to find ways to sneak physical activity into their workday. Walk to lunch. Park a few blocks away. Hit the pavement on your coffee break. Get your heart beating faster for 10 minutes and it really counts!

two men biking on urban street

Beware the Office Chair

In Canadian workplaces, it’s normal to eat lunch at our desks and spend all day sitting in front of a computer. But these social norms are keeping us from living healthy lives.  The average Canadian spends 36.6 hours a week at work—60 % of us spend the entire workday seated.  

You need to increase the time spent in heart-pumping activity AND reduce the time you sit for your health and for productivity. Adults need 150 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity each week—and this can be done in bouts of as little as 10 minutes at a time.

So, sneak it in, and break up sitting time with regular bouts of exercise. Try to make small changes to your work routine and “sneak in” movement breaks throughout the day.

Did you know that our Canada 150 initiative, the ParticipACTION 150 Play List, has a dedicated workplace toolkit to help you get your place of work moving now? Check it out HERE.

Are you a facilitator interested in implementing a year-long workplace wellness program? Learn more about our UPnGO with ParticipACTION program HERE.