Join the club… a “walking” club!

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If you’’re looking to get fit, walking is a terrific way to do it – and a walking club could be just what you’’re looking for!

Walking can boost your energy and help you get fit, have fun, and meet others who share your goals. Walking groups and clubs are becoming increasing popular and many shopping malls across Canada open their doors early for walkers. Of course you’ll also find many outdoor walking groups too! If you’’re interested in starting your own walking group with friends, neighbours or colleagues, click here.

Not sure where to begin? Start here to learn why you should consider walking more:

1. Walking is great for your body. Regular walking can enhance your heart health by lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol and by reducing your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Walking also boosts your bone density. Make it a habit!

2. You’ll be motivated to stick with it. Many people find that exercising in a group is more motivating, more social, and more fun. For motivational tips, please click here.

3. Walking may contribute to weight loss and weight maintenance. Walking for 30 minutes burns about 125 calories. This may not sound impressive at first, but imagine the calorie-burning benefits over a week, month and year. Though exercise alone is unlikely to result in significant weight loss, it offers inumerable health benefits. Learn more!

4. Clubs are safe, social – and fun! Chat away with other club members who share your get-healthy goals. You’ll make new friends and help to keep each other motivated.

5. Feel happier. Walking, especially in a green space, can make you feel happier and more relaxed, and help you sleep better too. For more information on exercise as an antidote for anxiety and depression, click here.

Happy walking!

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